Why You Should Get Engagement Photos

I was recently researching a few reasons on why most couples choose to get engagement photos and most of the answers I found were:
  • A chance to get to know your photographer
  • Get more comfortable in front of a camera
  • You’ll get to see professional photos of yourselves before the wedding
  • You’ll Have Nice Photos to Use Prewedding (Printed Announcements, social media, guestbook, etc)

These are definitely good reasons to get engagement photos right now, but almost everything I found, neglected looking at the long term reasons. Having professional photos done are not just for today, but also for the long term.

Photographs are for the rest of our lives. There’s the joy it brings when your memories have faded to see these times again and the feeling they invoke. Also, being able to share these photos with future children and grandchildren who find it hard to imagine that you were once their age and in love. This is a main reason why I believe in providing printed photos to my clients. Shown is a sampling of the prints that I provided from a recent engagement shoot.


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