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Reveal Box

The innovative yet classy design of the Reveal Box transforms it into a table-top frame when vertical. Thanks to the expert hands of Italian artisans, the perfect details confer a luxurious look & feel. Each box is hand-made in Italy, creating a one of a kind product for each of the stories you tell. Enjoy the most popular presentation box in the portraiture industry.


The Storybook offers a unique experience. Simple yet elegant, in this you will find an harmonious combination of colours and papers. Let your fingertips enjoy the naturally textured surfaces, that speaks to your heart.

Probably the most iconic paper option, the perfect fit for the Storybook. An incredible media, handmade in Amalfi (Italy) according to a medieval heritage of family-driven tiny paper mills. The deckled edges, unique to each sheet, have a rich texture and organic look this is timeless.