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Studio Flash:

Everything You Need to Know to Get Started with Flash Photography

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Get your flash off camera to:

get consistent results and realize your vision every time.

Join us in a 2 hour hands on workshop

In this course you will learn:


We’ll go over some of the more popular flash brands and cover why you might chose one over the other.

Camera Settings

Familiarize yourself with the essential camera settings when utilizing a flash.

Light Power

Learn the steps to figure out what flash power is needed to get the desired exposure.

Light Modifiers

What do the modifies do and why would you pick one over the other.

Test Shoot

We’ll do a live shoot putting into action what we have just learned. Every attendee will get to use their camera in the studio.

What do I buy?

I’ll provide a few sample kit ideas for those who want to get started at a low investment up to someone who is ready to go all in.

Meet your Teacher

Hi! I’m Shawn. I have 10 years behind the camera and started to included flash in my photography 5 years ago. I recently opened a studio space in Provo which along with that want to offer my expertise to help other photographers in the industry.

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How Much Doest It Cost?

Learn to create work like this: